Our mission

Our Mission

"Our mission is to protect biological diversity and safeguard the riches of nature for future generations

We aim to achieve this by actively and significantly contributing towards the reversal of the current worldwide positive trend in the loss of global biological diversity, natural and semi-natural ecosystems on both sea,freshwater and land , the genetic contamination of food crops ,agricultural animal populations and natural ecosystems by anthropogenous genetically modified organisms and to be a key catalyst in sustainable development that respect indigenous communities and their rights''

The context in which we have chosen our mission detailed above is detailed bellow:

The environmental crisis is upon us yet few people realize it these days we are feeling it more and more. The reason is that it is masked as an economic crisis in some parts of the world while as a full scale economic depression in other countries like Greece. It is very difficult for many people around the world to realize this because the true value of money eludes them due to lack of detailed knowledge on this subject . If one considers that money is like a title of ownership to the worlds rapidly dwindling natural resources one also starts realizing that the reason for oxymoron of rich countries being poor in resources while poor countries being rich in resources becomes relevant as it is realized that they are the ones to have yet exhaust them while their principal mode of exhaustion is export to so called rich developed nations that exhausted theirs a long time ago and currently produce only a fraction of what they consume.

Overpopulation is a great problem and it is expected to aggravate the above issue along with climate change. Obviously sustainable development and ecosystem protection are essential especially in relation to conservation of biological diversity.

As a consequence of the dwindling biological diversity of the world and the unwillingness of the economic system to accept new crop species and production systems or protect the natural ecosystems of the world that harbor genetic material for improvement of existing species genetically modified food has entered the global food chain through the worldwide domination of crop species like soy and corn. Consequences have so far been proven to be highly negative and mostly carcinogenic.

Both governments and large corporations are unwilling to currently change their ways other than making mutant plant and animal species which have a different genome and are essentially a different species (e.g. GMO corn vs conventional) .Issues of patent come into play here as well as currently if a specific GMO variety is patented and then grown worldwide then they have this power in their hands.

Natural ecosystems on both sea and land are being rapidly replaced by things like tree mono cultures and industrial aquaculture in sea and fresh water exaggerating the demise of the former even greater.

We know that change will come from society itself and it will come by an overall realization that nature not man knows best and that we should follow nature rather than attempt to reshape it ignoring how it has produced the natural world through millions of years of experimentation and requires high biodiversity to maintain itself as opposed to the mono cultural ecosystems favored by modern corporate interests.