01/6/2023:New global analysis is out with our own Ted Karfakis as co-author: Territories of life as key to global environmental sustainability. Article here 

27/10/2022:We are happy to announce that a  maternity colony of the endangered long-fingered bat (Myotis capaccinii) was discovered by researchers of the terrestrial ecosystems monitoring program of the Kalamos and Kastos sustainable development project. Article here

12/01/2020:We are happy to announce that footage of the highly endangered Mediterranean monk seal (Monachus monachus) from our wildlife camera project has been incorporated into a rellevant Candid Cam show episode of the Mongabay news organization in an episode about the species and its ecology and status. It is an  opportunity and a privilege to provide the viewers  with a glimpse of the colony of the inner Ionian archipelago discovered as part of our project, one of only few others currently discovered by experts in the entire world. Theodore Karfakis , the director of Kalamos Island Biological field station and member of Terra Sylvestris also talks about the monk seal and the discovery of the colony in the video. !. Article and video here

09/5/2020: Our new habitat tour video with the director of the Kalamos island biological field station is out, access it here

27/11/2019: New policy technical document on community conservation terms and definitions with the collaboration of Terra Sylvestris .Go here for more

24/11/2019: BREAKING !! Press Release. Inner Ionian monk seal(Monachus monachus) colony discovered by Terra Sylvestris in the inner Ionian. Blog post here

12/09/19: Terra Sylvestris attended the 2019 Organization of Biological field stations annual meeting. Go here for more

12/3/19: Terra Sylvestris sent Theodore Karfakis as a representative to the ICCA consortium regional assembly for Europe. More details here


9/10/18: The Non governmental organization Sailors for Sustainability wrote an article and produced a video about their visit to our project.

4/09/18:Our new article"Setting priorities for addressing community historical rights and conserving biodiversity in the Inner Ionian Marine Protected Area, Greece in the Peer reviewed scientific journal Biodiversity" is out

find it here

13/02/18 :Article in the Rewilding Europe blog about our work in the inner

27-29/11/17:Terra Sylvestris sent Theodore Karfakis as a representative to the United Nations Forum on Business and Human Rights. More information here

26/11/17: Terra Sylvestris sent Theodore Karfakis as a representative to the ICCA consortium XI general assembly.More information can be found here

31/10/17: Terra Sylvestris is now a member organisation of the ICCA(Indigenous and conserved communities areas)-consortium!

For more information on the consortium go here

20/09/17 Terra Sylvestris sent Theodore Karfakis to attend the Organization of Biological field stations annual meeting in Lake Itasca Minnesota USA. For more details go here

07/6/17: Our ecotours have been featured as number 3 out of 6 transformative Trips To Take If You’re Terrified About The State Of The World by Elite daily 

05/06/17: Terra Sylvestris has taken the KEEPitWILD Pledge with respect to the Environmental sustainability, treatment of animals and related ethics of its Ecotourism activities

04/6/17: An interview by the Ifloveconservation project with our head of the board Τheodore Karfakis about our Kalamos and Kastos sustainable development project has been published here

26/5/2016 Listen to our director talking in the sustainable living podcast about him, our organization and our work, the concept of 

rewilding and how it relates to the current ecological crisis and the inherent dangers from the advancement of aquaculture Strategies for protecting the environment and nature where also discussedThe archive can be found here 

07/12/2015 :Our presentation of the Kalamos and Kastos sustainable development program at the Symposium for marine protected areas in Greece and the mediterannean, held in Zakynthos ,has been successfully completed.  Poster and article in conference procceedings can be found here

7/10/ 2015 :The Presentation of our biological field station in the 17th Panhellenic Forestry conference has been successfully completed! You can go to the end of the rellevant page to see our poster and the rellevant article in the peer reviewed proceedings. Link here

02/12/2014 :Our online petition calling for the Greek spatial planning comitee to take action for securing the future of the inner Ionian  marine nature reserve is now a reality. Sign and together we can work towards protecting it! Link here