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Come and share with us the unique nature experience called Kalamos !

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Fast Facts

Kalamos is an island situated in the inner Ionian archipelago of southern Greece. It has a very small population of 250 permanent residents divided unequally in three villages. Kalamos is a lush and green island with plenty of water, shady forests, crystal clear beaches, majestic mountains inviting adventures and a unique wildlife and friendly welcoming people, so come and delve into this with us!.


Kalamos is a very mountainous island with mountains rising over 800 meters above sea level.

Kalamos boasts a unique pine forest of exceptional beauty and vigor that welcomes you to the island from the distance ,inviting you to participate in its magic. Within it are towering trees and lush shrubs in a shady understorey creating a feeling of wonder and excitement.

Within this forest you will find many species of trees, plants and animals such as the golden eagle and the giant scarab beetle.

If you are feeling warm just dive into the waters of one of the largest marine protected areas in the Mediterranean and experience the richness of marine life found there

Our Services

At present we offer both pre-defined and tailor made eco tours in our base in Kalamos Island based on the time you have available and your needs. Our services include wildlife spotting ,including bird watching , hiking in trails, nature walking and many others.we also do snorkeling tours in the surrounding waters of Kalamos for people interested in exploring the sea. Tours can be combined with accommodation at our biological field station in Kalamos. Here you can see our work first hand and get to experience life in the station and our organic vegetable and fruit farm that surrounds it.

Pre-defined tours are organized based on our experience with our tailor made packages and our extensive knowledge of the area .We also tailor tours based on your individual needs and wishes to make sure that you get the best out of your experience.Tours are done by a mixture of walking and 4x4 car transport.

Currently we have three predefined tour packages that represent ideal options for exploring Kalamos and the surrounding waters for people with only half or a full day available. These are as follows

Predefined tours

  • Magnificent Kalamos: Half day tour which uses a mixture of walking and 4x4 vehicles to explore Kalamos island and learn also about the history and culture of the area. Prices are 15 euros per person

  • Mysteries of the inner Ionian marine protected area: A half day tour during which we explore the Inner Ionian marine protected area and also learn about the history and culture of Kalamos and the Ionian area. Prices are 15 euros per person

  • Kalamos island explorer: A full day tour of Kalamos ,its nature and history and its surrounding waters using a mixture of walking and 4x4 wheel vehicles.Prices are 30 euros per person.

For more details on these tours including an itinerary please see the end of this page for a brochure

By hiring us for a tour or simply staying at our biological field station you are helping us with our important nature conservation efforts within the marine protected area that surrounds our islands and on land in Kalamos and Kastos. This is because all proceedings from our ecotouristic activities go to fund our nature conservation efforts in the region .

Tours are available at present in two languages: Greek and English

Rates and reservations from January 2017

Currently our rates for a tailor made tour start at 12 euros per person for a 4 hour tour for a minimum group of 5 people and a maximum of 10 people.

Rates for a bed at the station are 20 euros per person per night while for camping space it is 16 euros per person per night .A full continental breakfast buffet is included for all guests in this price.

There is a non refundable 30% deposit for all bookings.

Special prices are available for large concessions (more than 10 people), please contact us directly to discuss a package that suits your needs

For more information regarding our tours please feel free to contact us!