Get Involved


We accept financial donations and donations of materials and equipment towards our organisation . Our supporters get a free newsletter to their email address or by post.We reserve the right to deny donations on ethical and/or legal grounds. .

You can chose to either support our organization in general or one of our projects individually.

More information on making donations including a secure online payment facility can be found here

Voluntary work

We have a field volunteer program for people interested in working with us in the field in Kalamos ,Kastos and the surrounding area on site.

People that are simply interested to contribute voluntarily in other ways other than the above program can send us a short 1 page proposal along with a short CV for us to consider and get back.


If you are personally interested in doing an internship and/or practical traineeship with us please send an up to date Curriculum Vitae (CV) along with other relevant information with respect to this via email to to apply and/or for more information with respect to this. At present we have positions in all of our thematic areas of work of the Kalamos island biological field station

Collaborations and partnerships

We are always willing to consider collaborations with like minded groups of individuals/legal entities from anywhere in the world that believe in what we do. This includes teaching and other related schemes.

We are particularly friendly to undergraduate and postgraduate student projects.

For more details , feel free to contact us!