Consulting and Training Services


Hello and welcome to Terra Sylvestris consultants! A branch within the non governmental organization Terra Sylvestris. Our organization formed in 2014 and soon after we decided that as part of our ongoing effort to fight for environmental protection and sustainable development worldwide we should offer  consulting services in this area.

We offer tailor made consulting service to individuals, organizations and companies. Our services are in both pure and applied research but also in hands on field work such forest management plans or fisheries management plan. We are available for seminars and webinars as well as training sessions within our current fields of expertise.


Our  current fields of expertise are as follows

·         Statistical consulting and data analysis solutions in ecology, biology and related sciences

·         Quantitative modeling solutions in ecology

·         Ecological Economics and sustainability consulting

·         Ecosystem restoration

·         Ecosystem monitoring

·         Wildlife management

·         Forest management

·         Silviculture

·         Forestry

·         Sustainable fisheries management(not aquaculture)

·         Sustainable Management of aquatic,marine and terrestrial ecosystems


 We also offer contracting services in ecosystem monitoring


We have competitive prices for the above services including special rates for regular customers based on international market prices for these services.

We also at times , offer these services on a non commercial basis but always subject to adequate funding being available, in the form of a grant or donation by an organization, company or group or individuals and we aim to do this as much as possible however we unfortunately cannot work without funds being available.


We pride ourselves for our ethics in relation to our work. We chose our customers carefully as we expect them to chose us. We do not work with anyone we believe has activities that hurt the environment or contribute to environmental and social injustice in any way in this planet.


 As part of our ongoing effort to expand our activities we seek to forge collaborations if you wish to contact us  to have discussions with respect to this  you may contact us either by email ,phone or regular post