Biological Field Station

Purpose of the station

Our goal is for the station to function as a point of hospitality for volunteers working in the field in various projects in Kalamos and the surrounding marine and terrestrial region and for  our ecotourist guests wishing to enjoy the nature our region has.


Our biological field station is situated in Kalamos Island in Greece in the outskirts of the village of Kalamos



The station is housed in the same building as the offices of Terra Sylvestris, in the lower floor. The current capacity of the station is up to 8 guests in a single 40 m2 room with 4 bunk beds.

Living facilities

A self catering kitchen is available for all guests at the station, wireless internet .Two separate (2)toilet  and shower facilities are available. We have warm and cold water and electricity 24/7. The field station also has an internal living room and sitting area. A large external sitting area is available at the field station with a roof and hammocks. Part of this is sometimes used for our educational activities, to which all guests at the station are welcome to participate!


We have a dry biological laboratory for use in research and monitoring projects. This can cater up to 8 researchers at a time. Digital microscope, sterilization and other related facilities such as refrigeration are available where several kinds of biological investigations such as botanical and insect identification can take place.


The station manager is Ted Karfakis, an ecologist with many years of experience working in the field worldwide.